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March 8, 2016
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May 2, 2016
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Strategy of investments

I wrote recently that the government needs a strategy of investment in jobs creation and training and development in both vocational and academics disciplines to improve productivity and financial business outcomes.

The country’s GDP has slowed, employment creation remains subdued and growing inequality is slowly eroding the standard of living for the poor, the needy and the most vulnerable in Mauritian society.

La Classe Moyenne has suffered the most leading to increasing poverty and socio-economic hardships.
Therefore, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the country badly needs investment both in commerce and fiscal stimulus policy in the creation of jobs and speed up exports through a package of measures including a more qualified personnel and improved quality of education hence growth in productivity rate.
Today the country is in short supply of highly skilled personnel both in the public and private sector to speed up economic growth.

We don’t only need technological but political innovations in the world of work and new enterprises.
We need to produce more and grow more and introduce measures to stimulate a saving culture among the people of Mauritius rather than an over simplistic statement from the Governor of the Bank Mauritius ((we need to buy 2pair of shoes)) in the local press along with some other measures.

We need a credible economic strategy.

It is not enough to say we need to tighten our belt as a nation but we need to have structures and measures in place to promote a national saving culture both as individuals and a more competitive regime in business ventures.and efficient regulatory framework in the banking sector.
There is a lack of competition in major banks for savers which are not responsive to people’s expectations and introduce policies to root out poor /inefficient practices in bank lending.
Quote and unquote a minister states that we need to root out lazy people in the public sector.

Whose responsibility is this?

We need a systematic review of operational systems in government departments eg it takes hours to pay road license fees in the post offices.Where is technology?

The public sector needs urgent reforms including performance indicators and appraisals to enhance quality and cost-effectiveness in the delivery of services which are sadly lacking due poor management systems and failures in the implementation of an effective day to day operational procedures by senior Managers and clinical / civil service directorates.

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