About Mauritius Independent Party

About MIP

What are the main issues that are relevant to the lives of many people? An efficient economy which is inclusive that translates into investment into education, health service, housing employment and transport.

There is a high ratio of unemployment among the youth of today and it is imperative that there is strong leadership in galvanizing opinions that challenge the government to come up with appropriate initiatives in the creation of jobs.

Without a well-performing economy and real growth both in public and private sector jobs creation will become remotely possible to achieve the desired goals in employment and education etc.

We need more business and social entrepreneurs as wealth creators and wealth redistribution as the rich need to pay higher taxes to reduce the imbalance between the rich and the poor.


To set out the aims and objectives of the party which clearly demonstrate to the electorate the vision and strategy are fully compliant with the mission statement in creating a more equal and fair society through its ten points electoral programmes which are costed and achievable within a 5 years time scale.

I am calling for youth participation in general political struggle to satisfy socio-economic and political demands of its citizens otherwise meaningful changes in society about fairness and equality will become a remote possibility in future there is a need for a new political party to represent the interests of people who are disenfranchised, the social exclusions and the common man. Due to demographic changes in society, there is a growing group of people who are looking up to people with honesty and integrity to represent them at the national level.

The party stands for genuine respect and dignity for all. We must have an economic inclusion policy not only in finance but also in employment and education and so forth to build a better country. The main message is very clear Unity is strength, We are fighting for more equality and fairness to all sections of the population

How can this be done ?

We need to have reforms both in manufacturing/business and the public sector. Jobs will come from a stimulated recovery and through investment in skills and training. We need a highly skilled workforce to compete in today's world and this is only possible when government creates the right framework for appropriate investment in education and training.

The PSBR is too high therefore there is less money to go round especially for investment in job creation. Unless there are reforms in structures in simplifying taxation and revenues such as pay you earn and national insurance systems, free healthcare, education, transport and pension will be longer viable and sustainable future. Many thanks.


Developing a culture of openness, transparency, fairness and equality with, social justice where every man has basic rights of freedom without fear of oppression and discrimination on grounds of race, age religion, sex and social status.


We are close to people