Building ,fair and more equal society

Build a better, a fairer & more equal society / Construire un meilleur, une société juste et equitable
December 10, 2016
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October 11, 2017
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Building ,fair and more equal society

The equality strategy
Building a fairer Mauritius

Equality is fundamental to building a strong economy and a fair society

The strategy needs to focus on principles of equal opportunity and equal treatment protecting the most vulnerable whilst ensuring equal opportunities for all .

Firstly it is essential to maximise from equal pay act .
It is not enough to pass legislation but businesses ,government ,corporate sector and new entrepreneurs must take ownership and apply it in the work place.

There is a lot of rhetoric on accountability ,transparency and good governance in government and organisations but when it comes to practice this is not evident .

Therefore performance is not challenged and equality remains beyond the goals of individuals in society and equality becomes meaningless as a strategy.

Mauritius is a far more diverse but less tolerant society than it was a generation.
ago where equality is stalled as working together for a shared vision has become a remote possibility due lack of transparency and behaviour change .
There is anecdotal evidence for that to happen government must act as a catalyst for change ,working with businesses ,the voluntary sector and wider civil society to create equal opportunities

Why equality matters to one and all

Failure to tackle discrimination and unfairness harms individuals,weakens our society and above all leads to losses to our economy.

How does it affect our economy
To fully utilise the talents of minorities and working class people ends up in loses of billions of rupees

ICREAING THE BENEFITS OF WOMENS EMPLOYMENT and tackling occupational ,gender and gender segregation affect the economy

The economic cost of violence against women in our society is estimated to billion of rupees

At the time of global economic pressures,equality becomes more or less important

We want a fair society where every child has the opportunity to progress as far as their they can in an environment conducive to growth of the individual .

We need a labour market that draws the talents of one and allan not where some people are written off as a result of where you are from ,poor background and their socio economic groups depriving of of their of their basic rights in society
Our democratic structures and communities are stronger and more effective of all voices are included and everyone has the chance to shape and influence of all and everyone has the chance to shape and influence the decisions that affect them .

Devolving power to people whilst supporting them to participate in our democratic structures and communities to access the services they need and shape their own the toolsand information they require in future,free up businesses ,public services, the voluntary sector ,communities and citizens develop solutions and promote good practice .

Transparency promoting equalities and giving individuals and local communities and respect for all .
The tools and information they need to challenge organisations that not offering fair opportunities and public services that not delivering effectively for all the people they serve .

The reshaped public bodies to publish more information on equality than ever before and demonstrate how are delivering services that people deserve .

Despite liability legislation ,disabled still suffers through experiencing difficulties accessing goods and services and employment opportunities .

It is quite evident that by simply passing legislation .we cannot tackle the issues but importantly there is a need for a new approach apart from reviewing legislation that protect all groups in working closely with employers and wider society with updated government policies.

We will support people to make the right choices ,help to create equal opportunities and advocate transparency to drive accountability legislation that forms part of modern thinking which reflects a progressive modern ,dynamic and civilised society of the 21st century and has no place for complacency .

Whilst we recognise that government top priority is the economy and dealing with economic growth and prosperity ,we must also recognise that money in itself a solution when it comes to equality rather than dealing with the causes of inequalities and the barriers to social mobility

Creating opportunities for all and to be treated fairly as an individual whilst recognising their needs and talents and giving them an equal opportunity .

Tackling deprivation and inequalities relating to family background and improve social mobility
Childs early years and education have a profound influence on their life chances but research shows that even by the time their first day at school,bright children have fallen behind children from affluent backgrounds.

Supporting social action giving the voluntary sector and public sector professional freedom to work together to innovate and drive effective measures which build a more inclusive and cohesive society based on toleranceEQUALITY IN embedding equality in everything we do as an integral part of our policies and programmes

We need a strategy that sets out how government will work with business ,local communities ,public services ,the voluntary sector and others to drive progressive and sustainable change and build a fairer society and a stranger economy
with agreed outcomes within a time frame publishing reports on a yearly basis with in a strategic framework

the strategy sets out MiP COMMITMENT to tackling the barriers to equal opportunities and social mobility and framework for how equality will be fundamental part of future government programmes across nationwide .
We give an undertaking we will review the equality act once we are in power and legislation within framework.that gives detailed actions will be therefore delivered in such a way that is appropriate to the division of responsibilitiesacroas the whole country .responsibily for delivering many of our public services which are important to achieving greater equality is devolved


Everyone has a right to equality and it is a fundamental duty of any government to promote this not only through legislation but also empowering people to change their attitudes and behaviour

Equality underpins MiP PRINCIPLES of freedom,fairness and responsibility and our mission if we are elected to power

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