Mauritius needs a new political vision and a new direction

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March 8, 2016
Edition Spéciale – Mr Sahadersingh Guddaye et Mr Prasram Lutchman
May 6, 2016
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Mauritius needs a new political vision and a new direction

MiP was founded in 2014 and it is gathering momentum by increasing its membership through political video broadcast on facebook and youtube and communicating our vision in all constituencies
What we stand for is Building a better ,a fairer and an equal society with social justice
How are we going to achieve it?

Making our communications strategy as the cornerstone of all our activities .Connecting with MiP
MIP is developing our network through strategic plan ,creating a winning campaign and use storytelling fore more impact and invest in women for roles in corporations,multilateral organizations and for women’s entrepreneur network above all in political activities

it is set in our aims and objectives which are governed by its values and principles of cooperation and solidarity with the people in ensuring that there is a transparent
an inclusive economic strategy shared by all the population and not by the selective few like the corporate sector , the business magnates .the rich and powerful and the elite classes
Today these rich and the elitist professional career politicians amidst others have mostly benefitted from our political system
The political class has failed to meet the aspirations of the youth of today .
There is a growing unemployment of 26% between 16 and 30 yrs old today .
How is government going to tackle this remains to be seen


The model of free education and healthcare should be retained at the point need with urgent reforms in funding and good governance with accountability including setting up of performance indicators to make public services more robust and cost-effective as well as continued improvements in the delivery of services otherwise
they will become unsustainable in the longer term due to pressures on public finances .currently running at 60% of GDP

We need a planned innovative business strategy based on skills and training through a new department of education skills and training
both in academic and technical disciplines.
We need to introduce vocational training at year 9 built in the curriculum nationally together with the partnership with employers apprenticeship schemes as an ongoing planned programme of career guidance in the universities and develop a leadership programme for our graduates both in the public and private sector .

There is an urgent need for career guidelines ,advice, and support in the universities to enable students and prospective graduates to make their own career choices well in advance before they embark on pursuing further higher studies at postgraduate level in their main career choices eg medicine ,law engineering, and technology just to mention a few .

Today there is greater demand for vocational education as the country is crying for change to develop our strategies in skills and innovation which are in dire straits due to lack of foresight .forward planning and ongoing financial investment program both by the government and the private sector .
There is a lot of rhetoric on diversifying our economy when infact there are existing barriers due to red tape and poor excessive trade regulation and corrupt practices and trade monopolies .

Where is trade liberalization ? it is mainly in theory but in practice there is far few in between due to vested interests and manipulation by big companies through improper lobbying practices which are corrupt in nature and not helpe bythe government laissez faire attitude and in the absence of a cohesive bold strategy in making business competition a reality .and not become a stooge of their own making. leading to trade protectionism which is far from a philosophy of market-led economy .

What about our main utilities?
Today the government is hell bent on water privatization .
This is worldwide problem but we should not sell off cheaply our main resources to private bidders because we will regret this in time to come as it happened in the eighties in Britain and throughout Europe

We should not sell our crown jewels just to balance the books but explore other stakeholders like the world bank ,OECD Org united Nation led initiatives and carry out a feasibility study in managing resources and improving its efficiency and create private and public partnerships locally and internationally and implement a financial development model in securing water for the nation and this model can also apply to electricity and telecommunications.

Once full-scale privatization system becomes the norm ,there is no going back
It may be good for business but the nation will face disastrous consequences in affordability due to rocketing prices and there is no guarantee in the improvement of services

MIP will mount a campaign against further privatization of any of our utilities as there is already ashortage of natural resources in this country .

I would like to say to the government and the people of this country there is no quick fix for our economic problems unless we take a measured approach in managing our resources more wisely and effectively .

Where is renewable energy industries in this equation?
What is the government long term strategy in energy policy ?
What is the role of environment in sustaining energy for the future

How the agro-industries can influence our economic policy
Mauritius is primarily an agricultural country and has developed other industries leaving in disinvestment despite the protest and the hardship of farmers in the last decade.
MIP will lobby the government in the acceleration of the process of diversification and support of our agro-and bio-industries including cattle farming to producing milk on the large scale for local consumption in the first instance followed by exports of by-products such as cheese, ,yogurts and even milk .

Today we cannot even meet the demands of vegetables as farmers are not prepared to cultivate foodstuffs at a loss as growing vegetables have become an expensive business .
We need to introduce further mechanization and water irrigation more widely to ensure farmers have access to support ,training and financial assistance in growing crops at competitive prices.
Fertilization is becoming increasingly expensive due to world prices and high demands .

Unless we come up with a definite long-term planned strategy in developing our industries we will remain a service industry led economy which will create a trade imbalance leading to increasing dependence on imports that will affect our economic growth and create an impact on unemployment and poverty .
In a nutshell, we should produce more .,grow more and export more to potentially to improve the standards of living for our people.

Corruption ,unemployment especially among young people and poverty have been an intractable problem for successive governments and goes on unabated due to weak political leadership and vested interests .
According to the world bank, it will take years to root out poverty.

Corruption is a systematic and long term problem and politicians are worst offenders as they have benefitted the most from our political systems which require urgent reforms to maintain the rule of law in our democratic system government .

It was in 2014 that I wrote on my page that it will be advisable for government to introduce a code of conduct in public life to advise the Prime Minister on ethical standards in our parliamentary system and members of the legislative assembly and gradually include others civil servants .parastatal bodies and so forth and the introduction of legal protection of whistleblowers in conjunction with freedom of information act which still gathering dust in the corners of corridor of power .

There is little appetite for long-term government projects on the part of the population which are very costly and time-consuming and lead to unavailability of financial resources to combat unemployment which is crucial to economic growth.
We need an investment strategy for jobs through education and training on a national scale through ring-fencing funds to reduce unemployment, however, the ports expansion and creation of smart cities will undoubtedly create jobs in the long run .

There is an emphasis on research and innovation but lack of coordination in channeling resources in solar power and wind farms projects for electricity which will underpin the renewable energy policy
and lessen the adverse effects on climate change.
Mauritius independent party will work towards a better,a fairer and equal society


  1. e e says:

    TODAY We are preparing our draftmanifesto which outlines our KEY pledges to help to deliver a stronger economy

    What is MIP Vision
    What are the aims and objectives
    A with social justice

    better ,fairer and more equal society

    How are going to achieve them it is set out in our aims and objectives which are governed by its values and principles of cooperation and solidarity with the people in ensuring that there is an inclusive economic strategy that works for all

    Secondly the model of free education and healthcare at the point of need should be retained with some urgent reforms otherwise they will become unsustainable due to public financial pressures

    Thirdly we need a robust but innovative policy on renewable energy including all main utilities like water ,gas .electricity and telecommunication systems in public hands
    Fourthly we nee a planned innovative business strategy based on skills and training through a new department of education ,business and skills both in academic and technical /vocational disciplines with an effective public and private partnership initiatives led by the government in post graduate leadership and new apprenticeships programmes .
    To make law and order a priority in combatting crimes through an independent judiciary and police force

    A planned coordinated strategy in improving our infrastructure in road building as well as affordable housing using modern supplies solar energy in all homes in 5 years

    Introduction of an equal pay policy with minimum wage to reduce income inequalities and combatting poverty

    To review policies in terms of making them more transparent cost effective and accountable with good governance.
    Introduce a code of conduct in public life for all ministers and parliamentarians under the auspices of a parliamentary ombudsman
    To promote open government through freedom of information act and making public servants more accountable in in delivery of public services

    Establish and promote an independent comprehensive police force.

    Make all institutions independent ,more efficient and accountable through setting of performance indicators and defined outcomes.

    To introduce a finance bill setting out fiscal targets and taxation measures including inflation targets and other deemed necessary to ensure good governance in managing public finances in all sectors of government and implementation of financial technology
    To set up a research and development strategy using technological advances in al areas of government and promoting this philosophy and principles in the private sector whilst creating a skilled jobs for the future last but in the least implementation of devolved budgets through a devolution bill giving more powers to local government and all regions . to meet local needs through high quality local services.

    .These pledges are built around 5 areas to create jobs ,connect businesses to national growth improve domes connections and secure a lasting legacy for future generations.
    To secure the economic future of the country we will build a new airport and expand the existing one in the south which will create about 5000 jobs
    Meet tough environmental and noise limits enforced by new independent regulators
    setting economic opportunities for a strong economy through a more competitive economy and connecting businesses with more long haul destinations across the globe

    Creating a northern hub and financial centre and rebuilding our existing towns infra-structure to a high specification with sport facilities and leisure complex
    To establish a manufacturing base with a service led economic recovery

    Rechanneling our resources more effectively through a measured approach to business and its profitability

    Re launch our aground bio industries for production of dairy products for internal and external consumptions with expertise from neighbouring countries like Australia and New Zealand

    Build and secure our energy industry with a policy on renewables ,solar energy wind farms and recycling

    Introduction of devolution of local government and regions
    Devolved power through devolved budgets and providing better services for local people

    A health service fit for purpose free at the point of need with better quality services properly funded through introduction of a fee paying structure based on insurance schemes and affordability with safeguards for the low paid and the poor
    In first instance this will be very controversial policy but we are to fund free education ,healthcare and transport they will become unsustainable in the longer term as costs soar due to increased in rate of elderly population and public demands due to better life expectancies from medical advances and new treatments in using latest expensive diagnostic machines and drugs

    A new pubic health department inspectorate will form part of core structures of the health service

    Establishing a new department of education ,business and skills to ensure that education meets the needs of people in a modern society
    Create a modern pubic transport service second to none through refocussing of resources on safety ,security and demands of the service whist ensuring that best service standards are met with manageable costs .

  2. e e says:

    The focus will be on social housing which will enable people of modest means to own their own homes

    The government plan to build 5000 homes over 5 years for over 65 in partnership with the private sector will not only create jobs but also provide decent housing in old age to improve their quality of environment and living standards.

    Housing forms core part of the government building programme of affordable homes for people in need
    and it is a plan for the future
    To defend our country and keep it safe

    A brighter ,more secure future for you and for your family

    The world best medical care through a healthy economy

  3. Sahadeosingh says:

    Do Mauritian people want to continue the 45 year decline of our middle class and the increasing gap divide between the very rich and everyone else or do we fight for a progressive society and an inclusive economic agenda that creates jobs ,raises expectations for high wages .protect the environment and provide a fre healthcare and education sustainable in the longer term with good governance ,earmarked funding with transparency and accountability together with structural reforms in public services .?

    How you go about answering these questions will impact on the future of our country .
    The main issues
    Income and wealth inequality
    A living wage with decent jobs
    Combating poverty and corruption and tackling unemployment esp among youth currently 26.3%
    Social justice
    Affordable homes including building homes for over 65
    Fighting for women’s rights
    Revolutionize the pension system to provide for old age –A pension bill —
    Renergize our industrial base to promote exorts and put our economy on sound footing
    A plan to improve rural economy
    Enhance family values through friendly families policy
    Increase devolution to local government through devolved budgets with local tax raising powers
    Review energy policy including renewables to meet current and future demands of the country
    Expansion and renewing of our utilities programme water ,electricity and telecommunication industry including broadband services nation wide
    Develop a research and development Strategy

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