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February 14, 2016
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February 16, 2016
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Stay connected with advance of modern digital technology

Stay connected with the advance of modern digital technology to the wider world.
MIP vision Building a better, a fairer and more equal society How?

There is growing public pressure and an increasingly an economic argument for responding to pressing challenges of inequality.
The extreme of wealth and the depth of poverty that has occurred globally in recent decades provide a stark warning beyond imagination to leaders of government, business, and civil society.

There are an apparent and significant demographic shifts in ways which have yet to be factored into our economic .political and social systems.
The demographic distribution of young people vs old ones of the national population is having and will continually have a profound effect on how civil society, businesses, and government positioned their strategic approaches to delivering job opportunities, healthcare, education and mechanisms for responding to people’s needs.

The youth generation that is presently emerging as a strong force only knows a complex world that the ((Wired world ) and they are using significantly the social media to address their concerns, exert their basic democratic rights of freedom of expression, values, principles both ethical, moral and economic to create positive changes in society and what is expected of government and how people expect to be treated .and I have to say this is changing .

There is reduced certainty on size, of funding .access to resources and new models are required rather than traditional donors amidst a rise of new socially driven financial factors.

Civil society organizations that is non-profit,voluntary sector ,advocacy groups and into poverty groups ,religious bodies ,charitable organizations including NGOs ,social providers just to mention a few have seen traditional funding streams shrink and modifications are need in the diversification of funding resources, requirements from private sector partners making more stringent to demonstrate impact .

New mechanisms in accessing funding are becoming predominantly a hot issue but there is light at the tunnel as there is an emergence of online funding platform connecting to lenders, new social entrepreneurs and private sources not the least political funding.

It is a de facto evidence that can reveal a gradual reduction of the level of public trust in public institutions worldwide such as government and business and Mauritius is not immune from this.

Trusts in government and the financial sectors are particularly affected and show low levels of trust by interviewees in the press between certain elements being(( certain the operative word ))of civil society but more specific in governments and business sectors .nationally.
Private sectors esp key players in businesses need to arouse more interest in developing strategies to address social and environmental challenges.

Leading businesses are today looking at ways of creating positive impact to complex challenges as a core part of their business and organisational strategies to compete in the wider world

Business is and will be involved in creating economic value in a way that creates value for society to address their needs and challenges as well as becoming a part of an emerging group of leaders acting in the common interest and the way forward is that trust in business and public life becomes the most valuable currency.
Kind regards to my fans, supporters and people of Mauritius at large and a big Thank you.

Prasram Lutchman
Prasram Lutchman
I am a health professional with many years of experience in senior management and business . I have great determination ,drive and motivation to achieve my goals in life and my pursuit of a career in politics in changing society for the good of all

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