Review of parliamentary expenses in this country

Slowdown in economic activity
February 14, 2016
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Review of parliamentary expenses in this country

We need a review of parliamentary expenses in this country and .streamlining of government machinery and get for value for money in the business of running a government .Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Whilst the public is asked to tighten their belt the government go on spending as if there is no tomorrow . If that is not the case .!!
For transparency to become a reality and to promote good governance , the National office of statistics ought to publish
data on regular basis not on ad hoc basis as this does not give the full picture .

Mauritius is an independent country with a true democracy then the public have a right to know otherwise people will be kept in the dark which gives to speculation and sometimes misinformation .
we don’t have open government otherwise we would have a Freedom of information act by now or at at least a parliamentary debate .
We have a system go government where civil servants or public officers do not respond to your enquiries in writing despite numerous requests .
This is wholly unacceptable in a democratic country .
Is there such thing as accountability ?
We must have a code of conduct in public life for Ministers and parliamentarians under the auspices of a parliamentary Ombudsman .

It is true to say that the government was elected with a big mandate for change and have a five year plan .
We have a right to hold the government to account but does not mean people want instant answers to our problems but to be kept informed of progress .

Best wishes

Prasram Lutchman
Prasram Lutchman
I am a health professional with many years of experience in senior management and business . I have great determination ,drive and motivation to achieve my goals in life and my pursuit of a career in politics in changing society for the good of all

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