This is a new party with new vision

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February 14, 2016
We have to fight to build a better society
March 8, 2016
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This is a new party with new vision

This is a new party with new vision working in close collaboration and partnership with public and private sector in securing the implementation of an inclusive economic model to achieve the ambition of enriching the living standards of All our people through tackling poverty ,unemployment (( wth special reference to youth unemployment )) and corruption existing in our today’s society.

Let us make no mistake ,we are here to stay for the long haul and work for the nation with reference to the ((La Classe. Moyenne)) and the abject poverty which is deep rooted in lower and working classes for the last 40 years or more since independence.

I have to say Mauritius has made progress but does apply only to the rich ,business sectors and the elite but we as a party gives a solemn undertaking that we will set our goals for the many rather the few in building a better ,more equal and a fairer society.

This is not ((leftist ideology )) and I am fully aware that redistribution of wealth will not be an answer to all our economic problems but creating new wealth by diversifying the economy and through democratic reforms ,new enterprises and new businesses in finance and new technology ,new port facilities ,aviation industry ,construction ,building cost effective affordable homes,renewable energy ,more regulated banking services with supervisory powers and controlled mechanism i.e. appointing an Ombudsman as well as attracting foreign investment through preferential tariffs and lowering of taxes for businesses.

The adoption of new financial technology in operating financial transactions will be vital in modernizing our public and private sector services both inside and outside the the country.
Reforms of public services ,the health sector ,education and public transport just to mention a few.
We need to be bold and say to the nation ,we cannot have a free health care and education system without proper reforms in funding and service delivery/professional standards fit for 21st century
Do we have the skills ,the technical know how and knowledge for world of today,
How far is our workforce skilled to meet the expectations of the businesses of today ?

Do the apprenticeships system work ?
Public transport is crying out for change and improvement is vital for the economy ,environment and safety in our roads.

we need urgent democratic reforms in the way we elect our parliamentarians , the funding of political parties ,the political lobbyists ,Bill of rights or at the very least the introduction of ((Freedom of information act )).the devolution of power to local government through devolved budgets responsible for local services for local people and legal protection for whistleblowers.
Another is simplifying tax system through tax reforms and introducing a pay as your earn system as well as exploring the introduction an insurance system to assist funding of public services with new advanced technology as well as introducing performance indicators responsive to a dynamic ,evolving and cost effective and value for money services with safeguards for lower income groups .,the poor ,the elderly and the disadvantaged.

In summary these goals and objectives are achievable given the political will and a desire for change to adapting to a world of a new order.

We stood for the local elections and now we are preparing for the forthcoming general election in 2020.
We say education,education and education and
Investment ,investment and investment for economic growth.

Do or Die ?
I have to say the government was elected on big mandate for change and the people will accept nothing less
Best wishes to the fans ,supporters and members and to the people of Mauritius.



Prasram Lutchman
Prasram Lutchman
I am a health professional with many years of experience in senior management and business . I have great determination ,drive and motivation to achieve my goals in life and my pursuit of a career in politics in changing society for the good of all

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