We have to fight to build a better society

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February 16, 2016
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March 8, 2016
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We have to fight to build a better society

We have to fight to build a better society based on principles of fairness and equality together with values of cooperation, solidarity and integrity.

it is true to say that we have come a long way since independence but there are increasing concerns about unemployment, corruption, and poverty.

Today the government lacks a cohesive strategy in tackling the main issues of the day.
We need progressive politics to solve today’s problems and not yesterday’s solutions.
Despite many years in power, we have made little inroads in our governing systems either in electoral or systems of government.

Where is the freedom of information act? SME bank ?or living wage but we are nothing can be done overnight.

After 30 yrs in power, the minister of civil service is planning to introduce changes .well and well provided it is comprehensive.

What we have today is an archaic civil service together with poor health services outcomes and educational reforms.

Free health care and free education will be no longer sustainable without proper reforms both in a day to day operations as well as continued funding from the central government.
There are poor accountability and transparency with a laissez-faire management systems resulting in poor governance standards.

We could make better use of technology in the managing /operating services in the public sector with more qualitative outcomes.

The central government has too much hold on power which inhibits the development of local services.
Today there is a greater need for devolution of power to both local and district levels where governing boards will be responsible for their own budgets in ensuring effective use of resources in the funding and running of services to meet people’s expectations.

The system of devolving local budgets will make services more efficient and transparent through management accountability /performance indicators in delivering high-quality services.Another very crucial issue is developing our communications system and broadband services throughout the country with technological advances when people can have access to financial services at their fingertips not only for personal use but also for the business/corporate sectors of the economy.

It will be also crucial to introduce legislation for the legal protection of whistleblowers and legal framework for lobbyists to root out poor practices and corruption. we need an ombudsman for energy operators water, electricity and telecoms as well as banking sector and private financial services to ensure consumers needs are met and complaints are addressed fairly and readily as possible .Another issue is an introduction of compliance inspectors and risk assessors both in the public and private sector.

I summarizing it goes without saying that it is imperative that have changes in the systems of government where there is progressive democratic reforms to make government more accountable to the people who can exercise their rights and freedom in their daily life .without fear of reprisals and impunity .
we need to inspire people to achieve their full potential in life .

Best wishes

Prasram Lutchman
Prasram Lutchman
I am a health professional with many years of experience in senior management and business . I have great determination ,drive and motivation to achieve my goals in life and my pursuit of a career in politics in changing society for the good of all

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